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February 02, 2007


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Great pictures of the kitties, as usual.

What great pics!

What a gorgeous and regal Baby Cakes! My work computer background for the week is now installed! What could be better?

Gayle: As good as it gets!

What is it about the rear view of cats that is so unintentionally hilarious and yet endearing?

My favorite (and ongoing) view of my beloved Sam is watching him drink from his fountain of choice - my porcelain teddy bear so to speak! Because he is so enormous (long legged and just plain long), he stands on the floor and then stretches his body up and over the seat, then dipping his head in to take a nice refreshing slurp. Needless to say, that particular locale is cleaned twice daily by his indulgent Mommy. But the rear view is just adorable - little legs splayed a bit, gigantic racoon tail swishing about.

Meanwhile, tiny Tim has tried to emulate, fallen in many times and now prefers to frolic in the bathtub after I've been in the shower!

Cats - both predator and endless child - always fascinating and lovable.

I love you, Baby Cakes!

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