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February 02, 2007


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The world needs men and women of honor. Papa Ratzi seems to fit the criterion. From the agnostic view if it is true tha man made God in his image of what he wished he himself were, then it is easy to see why women who in those days were too busy keeping the home and chldren together to join in the development of philosophies were not thought of as the same as men. They were honored as was Mother Mary but they were not thought of as leaders. Hopefuly, today's world will understand that while men and women are not duplicates of each other, they are equal in intellect. Let us hope humans of honor and understanding of the weakness of the human condition can be heard and lead us to a "shining city upon a hill".

A few months back, Lee Harris had a fascinating article on Benedict the Pope and Ratzinger the Philosopher in the Weekly Standard.

What has always struck me (especially brought home when I moved to Boston and finding myself moving in certain academic circles) is the narrowness of the modern definition of the word reason.

Am also struck by the lack of willingness to cooperate among a lot of 'rationalists' and 'people of faith' nowadays. As Harris points out, good faith and the ability to work together towards some pretty radical new ideals were major factors in the success of a lot of Enlightenment Era ventures. My hopeful self really wants to believe we're still capable of this, though the tired side wonders if our Golden Age is on the wane.


Am a lapsed Catholic who is re-looking-into the faith she was baptised into, largely due to the current pope.

One of the major beefs I had was with treatment of women (right down to considering the virgin birth thing as psychological warfare against women - how could we ever achieve this?). This very politically-incorrect appreciation of differences shed a whole new light on things.

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