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February 01, 2007


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Two charming representatives of the sick society generated by too easy a life for the children of the boomers. It won't last long. Islamic fascists will see to that. The real world awaits ignorant academia.

Weren't they just so cute... talking about hair. What clever little fellows. Too bad we don't have laws like Singapore does... over there they could get a whacking good spanking for this. It's the least that should happen to them for such idiocy.

Teresa and goomp - be informed that I adore both of you! I couldn't have said it better. I keep imagining the wakeup call these 2 idiotic spoiled brats will receive when they find themselves finally finding out what CONSEQUENCES really are like.

And yes, Turner should be smacked down hard and expensively! Has anyone found out if anyone died as a result of the congestion engendered by this moronic scheme? If an ambulance couldn't get through and someone's life was lost - charge the little s.o.b.s with manslaughter as well!

I work and live in this neighborhood. Over the past few months we've seen two bomb threats, a fatal laboratory explosion, as well as a number of false and real fire alarms. (Won't even get into the threats we get from certain groups to ourselves/building due to what our line of work is.) As a result, we tend to be a bit jumpy.

The day this particular incident went down, my boss was trying to make it back to Charlestown (a 15 minute drive on a good day) to get to a(n albeit minor, outpatient) surgery appointment. She ended up stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hours. The next available date she could get was mid-March. Neither she nor any of us around here is looking at this with amusement.

Your blog entry is one of the best bits of satire I've seen in quite some time.

Thank you.

Thank you Goomp, Teresa, Gayle and Be for your thoughtful and worthy contributions. May I assume, mediageek, that you -- with your fake email address -- are a fellow traveler of the perpetrators?

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Monday Morning Quaterbacking?" Well, you all just indulged yourself a bit there.

I don't know how your bomb squads work, but usually they robotically identify the threat first. They also will send in trained bomb defusers with blast suits if they feel the threat is not about to explode. It would appear from reports that they took their sweet time in actually identifying the devices and then continued to not tell the public that they were not bombs until late in the afternoon, some 8 hours after the first calls came in.

NYC had some 6000 unmarked packages in 2006 called in. That equals about 250 in a day---such a large number in fact, that it would be impossible to have bomb squads deal with each one individually. NYPD responds and has regular officers check out the situation first. Personally I've seen officers on subways check unmarked packages by hand and/ or with dogs. They don't shut down the whole station, block, bridge, or whatever.

It would apear some readers want more 9/11's so they can say that what happened in Boston was justified (goomp). It would also appear that some believe in physical abuse and torture for dealing with anyone that doesn't do anything more creative in their lives than make a pb&j for lunch (teresa). However, it is people like you that slow the progress of society and interfere in creative and constructive projects. One recent event that comes to mind was when I had someone come in to do a survey of the surrounding neighborhood to build a preconstruction report in order to document prior conditions should anything happen during the lowering of the water table for an excavation. They were repeatedly harassed and had the police called on them several times because they were walking on public streets and taking photos.

To attack these two is completely off-base. They are obviously good at what they do in order to have their company hired by Turner Media to promote this TV show. Just because they don't go on camera and dance for you all does not justify these ad hominem against their looks and their attitude. They did not do this on purpose, nor do they cause the issue to escalate. Blame your media for jumping on a story with few details. Blame your officials for wagging their egos and calling all your emergency units and failing to release any information until long after the hysteria got out of control.

The human condition is such that we worry and tend to see the worst in a situation involving safety. Incidents like this are a testament to that. I love how your mayor is all about recouping the costs that the city endured for their operation. Isn't that money well spent? If those devices truly were bombs, then half a million is cheap compared to what could have been wrought. It only makes him look like he's just a cheapskate and wants to go after Turner's deep pockets for some easy cash. $500,000 really is chump change for a major city's dealings with bomb threats. If this is how boston deals with bomb threats on a regular basis, that amount is a drop in the pan and Menino ought to be looking at reducing time in bomb identifying procedures and probably invest in some training and better equipment at the same time.

Marvin, darling. Longwindedness is a sign of muddy thinking, but nevertheless, in this great country of ours you have a right to try to get people to listen to your holier-than-thou rantings and ravings. One thing, though . . . If you want to bloviate, I suggest you get your own blog, and don't trash your hostess or her worthy readers. Thank you for your interest.

One more thing, sonny boy. I made no reference to the appearance of "these two." Thou dost protest too much. Have a nice day.

But speaking of their appearance, a nice hot bath might materially improve it! I consider poor personal hygiene to be a sign of many more internal problems - psychically and physically.

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