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February 26, 2007


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Sissy, we have to try this:

A friend tells me, fill a glass 3/4 with water and then put in ice, just enough until the water approaches overflowing but doesn't. Then let the ice melt. The glass will not overflow.

Proof that even the melting of the polar ice cap will not raise sea levels, because the ice has already displaced as much water as it's going to displace when it's water! "An inconvenient truth."

The ice on Antarctica and Greenland, which is not resting on water, WILL add to sea levels if it melts. According to my friend, there's some other factor that compensates for that, but I've forgotten what it is.

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea: With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me: As he died to make men holy let us die to make men free:" So wrote Julia Ward Howe in the fifth stanza of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and so it was sung in my days in grade school. The whimp generation has substitued "live to make men free" changing the whole understanding of the times in which the Hymn was written. Lincoln may have begun fighting to preseve the Union, but young men were inspired to fight and die to free the slaves. We now live in a society which has a large secular population which is unaware that its lack of belief in the traditional forms of religion has led to equally strong pseudo-scientific beliefs such as the coming disaster of "global warming." At the same time they are unable to understand the power of religious belief to move men to die to make men free or to die to be among those favored by Allah.

well stated Goomp...

i do agree with SISU's final concern, but wonder if this should have been understood before you went to view the film.

in my experience, there are very few productions in film these days, which do not have this intent to further liberal politics from the beginning.

perhaps i am mistaken in my conception reading about 'Amazing Grace' and seeing its previews...

it looked attractive, a positive story, yet, i strangely felt that it would be slightly manipulated to push liberal agenda.

presenting the victims of the Western Male, showing the corrupt mentality of those in Power, the importance of 'speaking out', etc., as symbolic for today (in relation to the evil USA).

i guess i am a little jaded, because instead of an admirable endeavor, honoring a misguided Human Being who saw the light, and worked to end horrific practice, a good story reminding us of important efforts to enlighten the human existence (the evolution from barbaric - to moral), the film would be used to exploit, chastize, etc...

perhaps i am wrong, and will try to view it with an open heart and mind.

thank you.

After reading your blog I wanted you to see something that I read. And while I am sure you have seen it, I couldn't help but roll my eyes:

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