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February 13, 2007


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It comes down to the will to exist. Do the people of the USA still have it? Or has a loss of faith in the ideals upon which the Nation was founded evaporated in the malaise of easy living and loss of moral strength.

It's the NOCEBO effect - I will harm. The bad effect entirely due to the subject's pessimistic belief and expectation.

I think that's just what's happening.

It's a discouraging sight when too many don't have the desire for victory much less the will to see things through.

I think many many more people than you would think have the "will to win". But while so many recognize that the MSM distorts the coverage of the war on terror - they fail to realize that the MSM also distorts the "feelings of the people".

Even in the age of the internet - the silent majority is still out there... everyday people, who want to win, who know we can win, who are disgusted with the losing attitude of the press. The trap is there - and we step in - believing this one thing the press tells us, while believing nothing else.

How many times have you heard lately - the election was a notice for George Bush to pull out of Iraq? The left skews everything in this direction. They fail to realize that people can be angry at the way the war is progressing because they think enough is NOT being done or it's being done badly. It's not the war that is wrong - it's the execution. Yet the MSM would have you believe that every American wants to cut and run! Balderdash!

The Victory Caucus is a wonderful thing if we can present it to the world at large - make them sit up and take notice - show them there are Victory minded people out there.

We aren't alone and I would venture to say that we are the majority.

As to the scratching post, the cats will take a shine to the new one in their own good time and when you least expect it. THAT is cat logic.

Hope all is well and that y'all are safe and warm. Our weather has been appalling, made the more so by the most INEPT drivers in the entire country! Glad our office closed at noon and stayed that way until Thursday morning (although it still took me over 1 hour to navigate a 5 mile drive to work).

Once again, the "mast" is NOT intended to be scratched. As previously reported, I've spoken w/ both Tine and Th' Babe regarding this matter, which explains their "studied" indifference.

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