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February 03, 2007


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I agree. Those two adolecents sneering and laughing at what was a million dollar upset deserve a kick.

Security officials, from Boston PD on up to Homeland Security, TSA, and INS, have shown repeatedly that they do not take actual threats from actual terrorists seriously. I

If those signs had displayed crescents and stars, authorities would have pissed all over themselves declaring that their investigation in no way meant any disrespect to the long-suffering but nevertheless tolerant and peaceful followers of Mohammad.

In contrast, the ATHF guys will get hammered, not only because they're unlikely to respond with death threats or real bombs, but for demonstrating those officials are useless. If nobody in numerous cities catches dozens of illuminated signs placed for maximum visibility, how can we possibly find a real bomb hidden behind, say, a Ted Kennedy campaign poster?

This proved unequivocally that the only real security is killing jihadists on their home ground, wherever that may be, and whoever it might offend. That message is intolerable to those who want us to go back to sleep.

Sissy, all due respect, but this is just a hair above the United 93 crescent memorial scuffle. You want to roast Ted Turner over diddly crap like this, when he runs CNN?

Blaming those who placed the devices for the overreaction of city officials is pretty unreasonable. These guys were quite literally just doing their job. Their reaction has been unprofessional, but it's obvious that they never intended for these devices to cause any panic.

Last year at basketball game my cousin's backpack caused a bomb scare - he had foolishly left it unattended while he went to the bathroom. While it is true that he caused it, nobody ever mentioned anything about criminal charges for his absentmindedness. The same standard should be applied to these guerrilla marketeers - the disorder required a gross overreaction by city officials.

Those devices were in place for a few weeks in many cities before this even went down. These guys will beat the charges (the law requires intent to cause disruption with devices designed to look dangerous, which is clearly not the case), causing even more embarrassment to the City of Boston.

I agree with the above two comments. The fault here lies not with the two gentlemen who placed the ads, nor with Turner Broadcasting or Cartoon Network, but with the police and government officials who didn't stop to say "gee, this looks kind of like that cartoon that my kids watch."

Did no one in the entire city know that the characters were mooninites? Does no one in Boston watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Granted, it's not one of my favorite shows, but I at least recognized the ad as being a character I've seen before somewhere.

There were several placed around NYC in places that I saw on a daily basis, and the general reaction seemed to be confusion or disregard.

Right. The only mistake those idiots made (and yes, they are idiots) is overestimating the intelligence of Boston authorities. When they overreact so absurdly to devices that were obviously not dangerous, how can they be trusted to react appropriately to devices that are actually dangerous? Besides, now that they have demonstrated their idiocy, who is going to believe them when they actually do find a bomb?

Ah, I guess I am just stupid... I am now informed that

-- a stupid electronic sign could never hide a bomb or an electronic bomb detonator.

-- just knowing that this is an ad for a television show should have made me aware that it couldn't possibly have been any type of threat.

-- the police need to learn that they should conduct their investigations on television so that everyone in the Boston area can call in and tell them how stupid they are for not knowing that this is a television ad

Right - we'll get right on that.

Next up - I'll have to start watching every stupid television show out there so I know about each and every character that might possibly be put up on an advertising board. Thanks to Kat for making me aware of my lack of knowledge in this area.

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