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January 13, 2007


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The ignorance of liberals, many politicians and a large segment of the people of Western civilization of the fact that segments of Islam have declared war on the West and will destroy us unless we destroy them first is disheartening. We must be thankful that people such as yourself and Laura Lee and Bill Kristol do understand and are making the truth known.

the Liberal Democrats declared war on Conservatives long ago...

maybe it was the Carter failure, or the Clinton corruption.

regardless, they only work to undermine Republicans these days.

seeing mindless Rhinos and Wimps cede to the folly is absurd.

but it should be a reminder to many, the Conservatives never held a sincere majority prior to 2006.

this President has had to compromise to keep a number of the weak minded on board for this essential GWOT.

but we are not finished just yet, as conventional wisdom and pessimism is often proved wrong.

our moment of discontent, occured long ago after 9-11, and we have risen quite well, especially because of the Leadership of this President.

perhaps, many surprises are ahead of us...

I found it quite cool that of all the phrases we could have selected to entitle our respective pieces on the dire problem we have with politicians who choose "political viability within the system" instead of standing up in a time of war to defend the administration waging it, that we both chose Bill Kristol's forceful line, "a demoralizing and revolting spectacle." It surely is.

Yet another thing for Bill Kristol to be wrong about. How many times in a row does this guy get to be completely off the mark before he's asked to just go away? Why does anyone still treat him as if he knows what he's talking about?

The "demoralizing and revolting spectacle" is Bush going once more into the breach and declaring, 'just because I pretty much screwed it up to this point, you must trust me that I know what I'm doing from here on in.'

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

BTW, someone else pointed out quite astutely that Bush Jr. contradicts himself when he says Iraq is too critical to leave as is but then tells the Iraqis that if they don't get it in gear the US will pull out.

Well he get things back on track in Iraq once he's not swamped with the details of planning the manned Mars mission? He wouldn't just say things at the SOTU just to say them would he?

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