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January 31, 2007


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As a member of the so called "Greatest Generation" I have to think a great many of the "Boomers" are striving to be known as the "Ignorant Generation." History and a study of the human race clearly indicate that we must win the war against the Islamic-Fascist or perish. Wake up America!

You gotta love how the leftists have taken the "American people don't like how Bush is handling the war" and turned it into "the American people want the war to end right now".

It seems none of the lefties understand that most American people think Bush isn't doing enough or enough in the right way in prosecuting the war. Most Americans think we should be doing a better job over there - NOT that we should cut and run.

That's Mr. Bush's fault for not getting out there on television and telling us how things are going. They are going much better than the reporters tell the story - but unless you read Milblogs - you won't know that! It's very frustrating.

thank you for this fine post.

in regards to a comment, i don't know how someone can blame this President...

the Man has clearly, repeatedly, defined the mission, the stakes, etc...

but the MSM just slanders every aspect.

in fact, they even still have many convinced this is NOT a healthy economy.

i never expected the President to wage the GWOT on his own.

the liberal democrats have done everything they can to undermine this Presidency, and the admirable efforts made by the USA in the GWOT, including the liberation of Iraq.

we, as in 'we', have to do better to combat the unethical manipulations of the liberal partisan greed.

The miracle of George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, is that he IS waging the GWOT and will continue to do so, regardless of the bomb throwing, spineless wimps of the MSM, the Democratic Party leftists, and the anti-American nutroots crowd. I have never admired a man more than I do our President. He is strong, determined, faithful to his perceived mission, and utterly committed to protecting even those who heap calumny on his head.

God was truly guarding our nation when George W. Bush became our President.

Gayle MILLER !

i have to sincerely agree, and appreciate seeing this positive expression about a Man so unfairly vilified.

thank you.

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