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January 08, 2007


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The people of the USA are so fortunate to have bloggers such as the group of which you are a recognized member to bring before us the truth of Human Nature and the weakness and fallibility of liberal thinking.

Sam and Tim discovered the padded arms of my desk chair whilst locked in my office on cleaning day. Needless to say - they have been chewed some now! They will do the least expected thing regularly! Perhaps that's why they are so very fascinating!

The media types who don't want to be held accountable are joined in greater number by the tenured idiots of academia who feel they are immune from criticism and take massive exception to anything that mildly resembles same. Just check out some of the academics at Duke who immediately assumed a "guilty until proven innocent" attitude toward the three victims (Reade, Seligmann and Evans)before any facts (or DNA results) were really in.

Nice one Sisu! Just got back from hols, will have to think hard about this one, although your two out of five on the hysterical Muslims suits me just fine for all five...but er, that's hardly a secret for me I guess.

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