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January 16, 2007


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If one believes as I do that Allah and God and G-d are the creation of man rather than the other way around what can one expect. Women and men can be wonderful beings or slobs. My observation is that those in the first catagory are the more satisfied with life.

You know, of course, that those numbers are fudgey, right? They counted as "women living outside of marriage" girls 15 and up. They also counted wives whose husbands were in Iraq or Afghanistan as women outside of marriage. Widows, too. All that to get to the magical 51% they were seeking.

I've never married and now, at age 64, the desire to do so is pretty much extinct. Part of my reasoning involves two factors: I'm a Catholic (divorce not an option unless you're a Kennedy) and I was unable to have children and knew that from the age of 21 - so my criteria for choosing a possible mate had some differences from the average female's choices.

Do I consider myself less because I couldn't have children and, as it happened, also never married? No, not at all. I took a different path because of the luck of the genetic draw which denied me the ability to bear children - but my beloved nephew who is serving in Iraq is no less dear to me than if he were my own.

And Barbara Boxer is a vicious, self-serving, babbling idiot!

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