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January 22, 2007


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No wonder they call it the cat's meow.

Captain thanks you and I thank you for your kindness and comforting words these past few days. I am still crossing my fingers but Captain seems well on his way back to health. He's eating well, drinking well, and came to the door to greet me when I got home from school today!

I do think Mr. Gato could teach Captain a few things about mice. He caught one several years ago as we were getting ready for the great house renovation. But instead of killing it, he brought it up to our bed and dropped it at our feet. He's a big cutup I think.

Thanks for the link and the shoutout, Sissy.

Carrie and I live in an old New York City apartment building; it used to be swanky, and has some very nice features (high ceiling, big windows, etc.) but 60+ years of postwar rent control and concomitant landlord/owner neglect have taken their toll, and what was once chic is now shabby-chic at best.

The building, alas, has mice.

But as long as Mister G is on the job, we have no fear.

Tim the Siamese would lift his skirts and run screaming from the room - or consider the mouse a new plaything. Sam the Maine Coon on the other hand would consider the mouse a definite intruder in his realm and would dispatch it without mercy or delay. And then (horrors) present it to me as a token of his boundless affection! All of which makes me glad I don't have mice!

Cappy's recovery is welcome and happy news. The pics of Baby and Tiny are, as always, so soul satisfying! Gato is as efficient as he is beautiful. How can I love cats I've never met? Easy. I find felines to be infinitely lovable.

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