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January 28, 2007


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Started reading David Gibson's "The Rule of Benedict" and got so angry I almost tossed my lunch - which I had already eaten! The excellent Benedict was having slash jobs aimed at him long before his papacy - but ersatz Catholics like Gibson have no business maligning this good Pope.

one of my favorite films, with the gorgeous jennifer jones!

of course Ms. Colbert could love no other, than the Man who helped create her two children.

well, it was a fine film at least.

love the snow prints.

i am afraid i have many bad memories, which won't melt in the sun.

of course, many of those failures in the past, will greatly diminish if we can keep Hillary, or the next DNC candidate from the WH.

question, why do all of these Democrats, never resign from the Office they are in, like the Senate, when running for the big POTUS?

are they that insecure?



won't Hillary at least step down?

No - and like John Kerry she will NEVER be there - which actually, when you think about it, is a good thing!

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