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January 18, 2007


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I wish I believed in God so that I could say God help us and deliver us from the fanatical know nothings such as Al Gore.

What happened?

I'll tell you.

Gore was going to be confronted by someone that did not march in lock step to his Gaia worshipping party line on the fictional Global Warming fantasy that man is evil and selfishly consuming all of the Earth's precious resources so mankind must be controlled and regulated within an inch of its life by the elites through the power of the State , which is all knowing and superior to mankind.

Everytime Al Gore gets on a plane a polar bear drowns in the Artic.

Not only don't people understand that an hypothesis is not a fact, they don't understand the dependency of the hypothesis on a model with hundreds of variables.

James Lewis in Why Global Warming is Probably a Crock http://www.americanthinker.com/2007/01/why_global_warming_is_probably.html says even the best possible model with a hundered variables yields only a 1 in 3 chance it's true.

Global warming has become a religion and those who are skeptical are heretics.

I love the image of Gore running away from Lomborg as quickly as a vampire catching sight of a cross.

Al Gore found out that he would be dealing with a man who has always dealt in fact and logic. This has no place in Al's scheme of how the world works. Since Al doesn't deal in fact and therefore can't debate on the factual merits of his theory - he would naturally never consent to talk to Lomborg (who would make him look like a class A idiot)

As for Ms. Cullen - if she were a real scientist, she would be able to allow for debate and dissenting views. The fact that The Weather Channel considers her to be their top climatologist tells us that they should stick to telling us what the weather is right now. How can we even trust them to give a forecast... they'll simply "decide" what the weather is going to be and then stick to it... after all they couldn't possibly be wrong now could they. Geeze.

Hello, Sissy. I offer here a fact, for which you and your readers may supply your own hypotheses: On January 6th of this year, three timber rattlesnakes were observed outside a den site in the mountains of Eastern New York. Normal emergence for this species is mid April, and this is the only record of them ever emerging in January in this region. On this same day, maple sap was running in trees that are usually dormant for another two months. By any modern measure, these are unprecedented events for the prevailing climate conditions of this area and outside the "normal range of variation".

One data point (and anecdotal at that) does not a theory make. But there is a great wealth of verifiable data that change is taking place - however we may quibble about the relative contribution of our species' part in it. I dislike smug scientists and simplistic political opportunists just as others here do, but that does not address the consequences of our actions or inactions. It seems to me if we are going to reject some courses of action in favor of others it should be an informed (and timely) choice.

So dope slap Mr. Gore when he deserves it, certainly, and Exxon/Mobil too while we're at it, but then we would do well to try and get the best picture possible on climate change in the time we have and respond decisively. Even the Marines aim for the 70% solution.

Greenman: If only there were more reasoned folk like you, steeped in careful observation of the natural scene, we could start talkin' instead of butting heads.

Interesting how you can talk of objectivity and yet be blind to the ShrubCo machinations on climate change.


Playing God again, Lance? Or are you bowing down in submission to your secular goddess, Gaea?

A Necessary Apocalypse

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