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January 21, 2007


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ah, the vivid deceit, on top of deceit, on top of corruption.

the kind of brutal dishonesty, that the entire Democrat Party, and the MSM seem to employ on a daily level now...

the Clintons once boldly made it their policy to 'LIE' about the genocide in RWANDA.

if this were a serious Country, no one would ever consider the Clinton experience again, but this is no longer a reasoned Nation.

right now, we are dealing with so many issues, largely ignored by the Clinton negligence.

it is truly sad, the one who actually made jokes about Ghandi and Gas Stations is being considered for the White House.

but then again, her husband set the bar so very low...

I saw Hillary being interviewed by Greta the other night and nearly lost my cookies. It was a puff piece of course and Greta, who I enjoy watching analyze legal issues, seemed a little too in awe of "she who must be obeyed."

Hillary let slip that she's an American first or some such and I thought, hmm. The lady doth protest too much.

She went on and on about her trip to Iraq, how bad it is there now, how it wasn't the first time she went to visit.

Hillary's worked on her warmth quotient, that's for sure, but if one just zeroed in on her eyes, they haven't changed. They tell the truth.

She was once known as a chameleon for her ever changing hairstyles. She's finally got her wardrobe and hairstyle under control and has stayed away from uttering anything extremely controversial, but she is still the same old calculating, meanspirited, power hungry woman.

She can send the dogs after female rivals but doesn't see the need for national security.

I know a lot of people here in Arkansas who despise her but loved Bill. Like a lot of families who love one member but merely tolerate the spouse.

It is that way with Hillary and I don't think just the men and women in Arkansas feel that way.

As you pointed out in the "Broken Wishbone" Mr. Lincoln's words reverberate today. We are engaged in a great civil war to see if this nation can survive. A war not yet fought with military weapons but still a war which can lead to an end to our freedom should the views of the power hungry dominate.

Brilliant piece! I laughed, I cried, I ate a BLT thinking of Hillary as Commander In Chief.

My husband opines "All women will vote for Hillary" [a common misconception] and I answer "Only if the woman is barking mad; how stupid do you think our sex is, anyway?"

Apparently men believe in the women=lemming theory...

you have such fine readers Ms. Willis...

thought 'Laura Lee Donoho' might wish to know that, GRETA Van Susteren is married to a major Clinton Associate, a lawyer who has given big bucks to the Democrat Party.

"Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, rub shoulders with notables in the nation's capital, they involve themselves in controversial legal cases, they like Florida living. But you rarely hear them speak of their religion, Scientology."

her sister psychiatrist, Lise Van Susteren ran in Maryland, for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

the ties that bind are deep.

* "Van Susteren's pro-Clinton voice hasn't gone unrewarded. In May, she sat with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at a state dinner..."
"Her husband is representing Julie Hiatt Steele in her lawsuit against Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff and "in 1998 he gave $20,000 to various Democratic Party arms, including the Democratic National Committee and Vice President Al Gore's political action committee."
"She’s claimed on air that Starr’s ties to tobacco companies being attacked by Clinton is a conflict, but the article reveals that her husband is one of the lawyers suing the tobacco industry."

Let's see how long the "warm and fuzzy" persona lasts once the rough and tumble of the real campaign begins - let ONE reporter ask her ONE tough question and then the true virago will emerge!

Now about that photoshopped picture - I'm sure glad I saw it BEFORE my lunch!

As a Psychiatrist I find the thing most frightening about what is going on politcally today, the complete disdain most politicians have for speaking the truth. Where are the leaders who seek out the facts and then choose a position and course of action? Most seem to choose a course of action and then seek out "facts" to support their chosen course of action.

Gaius over at Blue Crab ran with my suggestion that when we're all in it together, the "it" is invariably the toilet, and created a graphic in his comments here -- http://bluecrabboulevard.com/2007/05/30/tin-ear-dead-silence/#comment-60353

It would make an EXCELLENT T-shirt.

John: Now taking orders . . . :-)

Definitely do not want the Democrats telling us how to spend our money. Instead, spend money we don't have on the Iraq war and send the bill to our grandchildren! Tax The Unborn!

I have begun, today, to start actively and vigorously campaigning against The Beast. My first (and rather scathing) salvo was posted today. I am working on a lengthier, more reasoned, less visceral piece about her that will run in several portions. Hillary prior to college, Hillary at Yale and off to Arkansas, after the first "bimbo" incident and then to the first campaign for the Presidency by Willie the Weasal. The final installment will cover the second term forward.

Wow! You made it almost a third of the way through this posting before slipping into the murky depths of Godwin's Law. I am stunned by the shallowness of your rhetorical style. Putting someone in a Nazi Uniform with Photoshop? That's tediously immature.

You have a right to not like Hilary Clinton. But please, make more reasoned arguments than dressing her up like a Nazi or your thoughts that she might have had plastic surgery once. That just makes you sound shallow and not too bright.

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