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January 12, 2007


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Barbara Boxer championed reproductive choice for women and rode that issue to power in Congress. That she turns around and uses that choice to attack Dr. Rice is typical of how Democrats commit hypocrisy in the name of their twisted views of what femininsm means for women who are Republican: you're not a real woman and unless you have children, you cannot make decisions regarding American wartime policy .

That Boxer is is too stupid to realize she is indicting her own ability to make those same decisions as she is in the same boat as Condi re having kids in the military is not surprising.

And furthermore, it is not "paying the price" as Boxer charged, to serve in an all volunteer military. It is an honor and a personal choice many are willing to make.

Since when is serving in the military a "price to pay " ?

A long 2 years it's going to be.

I am so weary of women like Boxer. Thank you Sissy for putting it all in perspective. As always, you nailed it.

What the ignorant Boxer misses is the truth that everyone in Western civilization will pay unless we win the war which the militant Muslims are waging against us by handing them decisive defeat. Our withdrawal will only increase the range of their attacks.

Your further comment on the dark totalitarian instinct of humans was also commented on indirectly by Tom Sowell this week when he referred to the liberals' inability to understand the dark side of the human condition, which they possess but are unable to comprehend.

She's back! Holy smokes... *grin*

As for Boxer, she once again proves that when Democrats are strapped for a logical argument involving facts, they go to the personal argument involving a particular person. This time the person is Condi Rice.

It's not like they couldn't do some research and come up with some actual facts as to why more troops are not the answer, that would involve work on her part. It's so much easier to pick something out in Condi's life and use a non-related issue to tug heart strings.

As usual - it's the argument of the weak and ineffectual. Unfortunately, the press thinks it's the be all and end all of presenting a point. Then again, the left wants us to lose the war. So I guess it's by any means available including propaganda.

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