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January 27, 2007


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Only one comment for Kerry, sick like so many pols and other public figures that don't have what it takes to be the noble and adored persons that they wish they were.

"a serious problem in understanding why a person's actions speak louder than their words . . ."

This would be because the Dems take their cue from the very nuanced Europeans who have always been masters of saying one thing and doing another.

If this is your role model and you admire this behavior, considering it to be far more civilized than the barbaric American method of "telling it like it is", you will certainly try to emulate what you adore.

We're a big time international pariah, except when they want our assistance or our money. Then they love us like the best friends they ever had. Bunch of phoney idiots! And these are the cretins John Kerry and his confreres want "advising" us on how to run OUR national security operations? I think not!

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