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January 15, 2007


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Yum. What a cozy room with Franklin Stove. My husband was checking them out on the internet just last night. We have ice but no snow delaying our daughters return to lawschool today. I must get over to Blue Crab Boulevard to let him know of my support. So far, my son's unit hasn't been notified of any extension.

A birthday party worth waiting thirty days to enjoy. The marines and other volunteers allow us to keep the Home Fires Burning.

Sounds like it was a yummy day! The stove sounds nice and toasty about now.

I'd comment on Hillary... but she's beyond any comment I could make. All you have to do is read Dereliction of Duty to find out just how bad.

Thank you.

Blondie Delight Molten Cake and giant peanut butter cup with chocolate sauce for dessert. Later on, after the game -- Go, Pats! -- we dipped into giant bowlsful of Brigham's peppermintstick ice cream with Hershey's hot fudge sauce.

I gained 5 pounds just from reading that.

"To pretend one respects our military men and women while calling for them to come home before carrying out their mission is akin -- in a laughable sense -- to saying one respects cut-and-run legislators while calling for them to go back to their home states before carrying out their own not necessarily honorable mission."

And their mission would be what, precisely?

To claim support for military while electing political leadership of dubious ideology and demonstrable incompetence is nothing to brag about.

The American People are in charge, and responsible... not the petty potentates elected by the Republican Party. It is our responsibility to protect the troops by ensuring the leadership placed in charge is worthy of their sacrifice.

It is obvious that the current leadership is not.

Ghost Dansing said...

"It is our responsibility to protect the troops by ensuring the leadership placed in charge is worthy of their sacrifice."

No! Troops do not go to war in order to protect the "leaders" of our country. They go to war to protect our entire country and our way of life. Period.

If you haven't figured out why we're fighting by now - there is no help for you. Apparently you're okay with Muslim control of the world. The rest of us are not.

Hillary's basically neo-con light. My friend's son Adam was with 1/5 Marines for the fall of Baghdad. They were both of the mind that the proper course of action after "Mission Accomplished" was to come home and let the Iraqis work out the details.

Shrub needed to keep his hands on the spigot (can anyone tell me if they've metered the wells yet?) because there is big off the books money still to be made at only the cost of additional US blood that he could be pretty sure would not be his.

Cheney is also feasting at that trough as well, charging top dollar for fecal contaminated water for troops. Heckuva job KBR! (the whistleblower who could not handle the guilt of doing this to troops is being hounded btw).

Last refuge of scoundrels....

The opinions of anyone who refers to President Bush in such a dismissive and derogatory manner has nothing useful or worthwhile to say.

How convenient Gayle. Easier than addressing any actual points. But I honestly can't remember anything you've said that seemed useful or worthwhile. Sorry.

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