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January 28, 2007


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One holiday night at my ex's family's house long, long ago, I was awakened by screaming and crying. Apparently the five-year-old son of the ex's cousin (theatRE professor) and Mme ex's cousin (head of the women's studies dept) at a major SUNY school was having a nightmare about Evil George Bush chasing him to kill him. Ex's aunt - the mother of the theatRE prof - said that mom and dad talked politics all the time to the boy, though she didn't approve of it. My only response was that, if they were lower class, possibly of a different race, and in Boston, they'd have had their son in state custody posthaste.

Isn't it amazing how the MSM will tout the spoutings of a child as if it's gospel truth. I don't believe I've ever seen a child with conservative views being paraded before the cameras... even to laugh at them. Funny how that works.

The world which liberals dream about is a fools pardise and attempting to achieve it may place us all in an inferno.

The Columbus Weirdos (my new nickname for my cats after this weekend past) don't care about anything except me. If someone comes into the house that upsets me, or causes me stress, Sam will politely clutch the hem of their skirt or pants in his jaws and start tugging them towards the door. Tim of course has the soul of a trollop (which is why he's called the Lap Fungus with great affection).

But Sam - who appreciates how fortunate his life has become after a very rocky start - is endlessly and ferociously protective of me. He has been known to walk to the front door and hiss at someone he distrusts just walking past my door! Animals are astounding in every way. I feel so blessed to have these two delightful characters in my life.

I believe Jimmy Carter asked his daughter Amy who was 12 or 13 at the time he was President, her views on the most important issues at the time ( 1980 ) and Amy said nuclear weapons ...

"I had a discussion with my daughter, Amy, the other day, before I came here, to ask her what the most important issue was. She said she thought nuclear weaponry - and the control of nuclear arms. "


Liberals use kids as a means to prop up their preferred foreign policy goals of appeasement and surrender.

It's always for the children.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

I was a member of the counter-protest group "Protest Warrior" for a while in Chicago. The lefties talk about how they love children-yet at EVERYTHING I went to I saw the left exploiting kids-little kids.
Once a woman and her daughter-who was maybe 2 or 3- crossed to the side that we were on because she was leaving early.
As she walked by-carrying her little one-she said to her baby, "Don't look at the bad people."...us.
The summer of 2005 I DID take my then 11 y.o. son to the Chicago Air & Water Show to show support for our troops-but that's the extent of his "activism".
Now almost 13 I do talk politics with him-and yes, because His step-father and I lean right,he leans right.
I also understand however, that kids in that age all of a sudden know everything-just ask them.
He may be taller than we are-but he's still a mouthy...child.
Yes. He's still a child.
Rather than than treating his lefty contemporaries as youthful sages-their parents would be doing everyone a favor by remembering that.

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