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January 24, 2007


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I just got home a little while ago after attending a required professional development class on parental communication.

In the class we were instructed that kids no longer have the same belief system that those of us who were brought up in two parent households do.

So instead of giving us ideas about how to help construct proper character in the children they gave us pablum. We can't question the parents about why they are sending their children to school with dirty clothes and dirty mouths.

If we lose our Army and leaders such as Petraeus we are sunk because, besides the church, it is the only organization in our country which trains boys to be men. (and trains women to be tough and think logically.)

Public education is a joke.

I am currently reading a biography of Elizabeth Taylor by J. Randy Taraborrelli in which he opines that Warner married Elizabeth Taylor strictly for his own political purposes. He was running for the Senate nomination and needed both her star power and money to assist him in that aim. Once he had the Senate seat, he basically either ignored or ABUSED her emotionally (apparently she was abused to a greater or lesser degree by every single one of her husbands in one way or another) until she'd finally had enough and fled for her own sake. It also mentions that his "gentleman's farm" was purchased with the divorce settlement he received from his FIRST WIFE - he seems to have a lot in common with John F. Kerry, don't you think?

John Warner is no gentleman - and he deserves NO RESPECT from anyone.

And the raising of sons by feminist mothers sometimes leads those young men into a rudderless existence, comprised of "if it feels good do it" mentality, absolutely no moral compass, an addiction to drugs and death at age 20 from an overdose of multiple drugs. Petraeus is not at all off the mark in his comments and Warner is WAY out of line.

Where have the honorables gone. Our President, Senator Lieberman, General Petraeus and of course others, but people of honor seem scarce in our governments today. It is up to the people of our country to demand that those who ask to receive our votes be honest and principled.

Warner will claim he supports the troops yet by his own words he clearly doesn't support their new mission .

If he had any balls, he'd state outright that a vote should be taken to defund the war.

Instead, he takes the coward's way out by hiding behind a resolution that will succeed in only demoralizing our soldiers while showing our enemies we are soft and divided and incapable of sustaining what it takes to achieve victory in Iraq.

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