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January 17, 2007


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From what I have read over the past few years on milblogs and what I am seeing here from Michelle and Bryan, they have confirmed the direction of the war for me. They've confirmed the good and the bad that I've seen blogged by troops with boots on the ground. They've confirmed the total ineptitude of the MSM in reporting on the war (or rather they've confirmed the MSM's total focus on having us lose the war).

I'm very glad they went over there, I hope some of their reporting will sink into the psyche of the American people who are in the process of being brainwashed into losing. And I hope their criticisms of the mistakes that have been made are taken seriously.

Michelle's despair over the course of the war, before taking this trip, is something that has bothered me greatly. I could see she was allowing the MSM's disheartening "reportage" to influence her thinking. I kept wondering to myself - why doesn't she read milblogs? For this reason she needed the trip. It's too bad there are so many who can't or won't make the trip so they can see for themselves what is happening.

As Bryan said above - there are mistakes in every war. How those mistakes are handled will go a long way toward winning or losing.

I want us to win.

Thank you indeed Ms. Malkin and Mr. Preston...

Did Mr. Jordan Easton finance this trip?

Ms. Malkin had become such the cynic in the last couple of years, it has sincere meaning when she has great hope for the mission.

She long ago, after the Reelection of the Bush Administration, went overtly jaded, in my humble opinion.

It is no wonder, for myself, Ms. Malkin is eager to define the 'mistakes' of the Bush Administration, provided by some US Troops.

I often feel her obsessive demeanor about illegal immigration, unable to be objective, constructive, etc., only helped build a vapid disdain towards those serving her, and our, interests.

At times, Ms. Malkin seemed to lose sight of the BIG PICTURE of the GWOT, including Iraq, in my opinion.

Cynics, who have never governed, are easy to focus on only the negative, missing the vast positives.

She began as a reporter, from my understanding, and it is wonderful to see her put her talents to good use, getting to the bottom of the most important story of our day.

I thank her and her companion for her efforts...

Michelle is living proof of the surge of hope that comes from new blood in the make up of our great democray.

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