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December 20, 2006


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That was exactly my take. My husband and I were watching the Trump promotion and while I was somewhat touched by her tears, my husband, who can see a faker a mile away wasn't buying it. He noted that there were no actual tears and I wondered where she purchased her mascara. Even waterproof mascara gives in to those salty tears.

There is another reality TV show in the making within this tawdry story.

Was The Donald actually saying that the big, bad city made this girl drink and drug her evenings away ?

That Nadurra Glenlivet lives up to Beauty in unexpected places.

Sissy says: "The media seem to think this is a wonderful story of redemption."

Nah, "the media" just recognizes something they can show to the slackjaws and mouthbreathers in between beer and automobile ads, and Miss USA gets to double-dip on the free publicity: once for being a bad girl, and once for seeing the light. If she's got a really motivated agent and a ghostwriter, she can get a book deal and maybe a movie of the week out of it.

No one will ever accuse me of being a radical feminist of any stripe, but beauty pageants remind me of an activity from my rural youth: livestock auctions.

Goomp: Nothing gets past your eagle eye. :-)

Barry: You have something against livestock auctions? :-)

I have nothing whatsoever against livestock auctions; I'm an enthusiastic carnivore, and enjoy the spectacle of prime rib on the hoof.

I'm also an enthusiastic heterosexual male, but beauty pageants, for whatever reason, have never done it for me.

It's probably because I've always had a bad thing for the brainy chicks, most of whom, regardless of their pulchritude, have too much self-respect to don a cocktail dress and yodel their way through a dumbed-down Puccini aria in the "talent competition," or be graded like a prize Holstein...

Oh my, the things I miss when I'm working. I had no idea Miss USA was out confessing her sins. How... um... good of her to let us in on her sinful life.

Then again I haven't paid attention to a beauty pageant in years. Had no idea who Miss USA was. *grin*

thank you for such fun...

women are indeed interesting.

some amaze, others amuse.

men just can't quite compare.

Barry - I continue to be fascinated by the workings of your mind.

As to the whole Miss U.S.A. silliness (further complicated by the moronic fulminations of Rosie O'Donnell) - Donald Trump sure is getting his full share of free publicity this week, isn't he?

I don't want to seem cynical but - hmmmm - this couldn't have been planned, could it? Naw - Trump would never do anything dishonest like that?!

hnav - you are just as interesting as anyone I know - except maybe my sister who is WAY beyond interesting! SHE is brilliant and a gorgeous force of nature!

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