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December 28, 2006


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It continues to amaze me that Americans cannot see the reasons we are fighting in Iraq are many and if we hadn't taken the fight to the enemy many more Americans possibly would have died by now.

The enemy is not an opposing football team or someone we love to hate on television. These are determined and very evil people.

I've recently finished reading Mayflower, by Nathaniel Philbrick and it's about a little known war in America, King Phillips War.

It took the Puritans quite a while to realize that they were not going to be able to use the strategies and tactics learned in Europe in order to win the war against the Indians.

Although the war lasted only fourteen months in terms of population killed, King Phillips War was more than twice as bloody as the American Civil War.

Laura Lee: All good points. I gave the Mayflower book to my brother for Christmas so will be somewhere in line -- probably after Goomp -- to read it myself. Your comparison with King Phillip's War couldn't be more apt, but these people are incapable of acknowledging any historical comparisons that might give GW a break.

Your two days without blogging have recharged your batteries and led to an exceptionally perceptive and beautifully presented discussion showing where the truth lies.

Sissy - welcome back to the blogsphere and in good form as always! I am continually amazed at the total tone-deafness of the MSM - they have no sense of shame, honor or patriotism, unless of course it helps them to sell their wares!

To you and all your kin and all who read your blog - Happy New Year and may it be filled with health, prosperity, safety and love - and lots of pics of the babies!

By the way - Purrky is adorable too!

thank you...

Washington Post?

Or Washington Poop?

sorry, the entire use of a recently departed human being, to attempt to further undermine a Republican President is simply pathetic.

how low, demented, disgusting can some become?

meanwhile, they are opposing the fight for the liberty of others, in the face of Radical Militant Fascists...

can it get more absurd?

if only Mr. Woodward was around with my hands on a few snowballs.

happy new year indeed.

Ford/Carter was my first Presidential election. I voted for Ford... and knew that Carter would be a total disaster. But the Republican party was so strained at the time, I figured it would be a miracle if they won.

I had no idea that Ford had been 3rd in his class at Yale. I wonder if you have to be valedictorian before the MSM gives you any credit for brains at all when you're a Republican. I remember at the time - they kept on and on about how stupid Ford was - and yes, I'm sure that Chevy Chase's depiction helped cement that in people's heads. I guess he's proud of himself.

In any case, I hope the man finally gets his due now that he's gone. He was a fine man and an excellent President when we needed him.

Welcome back Sissy.

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