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December 03, 2006


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So her movies and all the lovely money she's made have been in Britain.... ah I thought not. In other words she loves all that money Americans are willing to shell out for her movie bits. And even though she'll take the money, one assumes while holding her nose, she'd rather not live amongst the swine (at least that's how I read it)

Then again why would we listen to anything said by someone who would name their child "Apple".

All true. But she does have a certain...charm.

Dinner talk more interesting in Britain? Who was she dining with here in the states... hog farmers?

We talk about what we know at mealtime - and I'm sure the disingenuous Gwyneth could have found sparkling dinner conversation with others who share her interests here.

...but to reference Madonna? Ewww... even hog farmers have more taste.

Have you ever heard the woman speak without a script. She has the IQ of a blade of grass!

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