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December 02, 2006


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In the days of "All About Eve," women who acted like women were admired. Women who act like sluts are going to enjoy life if Islam takes command.

ooooohhhhh my, oh my...

i love the photo of that wonderful film you included.

no wonder you have been nominated as one of the finest blogs ever (in the culture section)!

with all of the readers via the PJM, why do they not leave some responses?

if anything that amuses me about blogging, many can click on something, and yet never, ever, leave some reaction of any kind.

if the "The Underwear-less Revolution" leaves them silent, then i imagine everthing else will.

i do believe however, in regards to Ms. Spear's rather mindless existence, her physical appearance today is a result of liposuction, post 2nd Pregnancy.

at least, that is claim of one young woman, who publicly stated so, while in line at the store the last Friday.

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