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November 10, 2006


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What is offensive to me is that the Dems apparently have no choice about her as Speaker - and there are some 50 NEW people coming in who owe her NO allegiance or respect. It's unlikely to happen but wouldn't it be amusing if in fact she was NOT selected?

And there is one scenario that nobody is thinking about seriously - Senator Clinton will NOT be amused if Nancy Pelosi gobbles up all her face time - so to speak! And that will be a serious problem for Ms. Pelosi because while Nancy is a tiny, shrill little shark, Hillary is a Great White with teeth of tungsten! Tread with circumspection, Ms. Pelosi, and always keep your back to a wall to prevent the insertion of a blade between your shoulders!

it will be sadly amusing...

the greater GWOT seems to be already suffering.

morale overseas must be dropping and the USA appears to have had only the stomach for 3 years in Iraq?

President Bush is often underestimated, and i pray he shines with his back up to the wall.

but i feel we failed him.

The conservatives that chose to stay home and sit this election out to teach Bush and the Republicans a lesson should be very happy now, shouldn't they ?

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