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November 07, 2006


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Maybe you can lead Lanny in the paths of righteousness. He looks like a nice fellow who has been led astray.


Tuck is a handsome devil.

As for Lanny Davis, my Mother always told me if I had nothing nice to say about someone to discuss the weather.. so how's the weather in Hartford ?

Sounds like you're both having a blast. Excellent!

Liberman's victory sure is sweet.

The Kos Kids will go over the edge of insanity if Tester loses in Montana.

This is one of the interesting blogs i came across in recent times.

My name is Mark Johnson, and I've been visiting sisu for past few months

I’m a recent UC Berkeley Political science grad and I along with some fellow Princeton alums have been working hard to launch our own internet startup called Rizzleweb.com.
Rizzleweb is basically an online political community where people can log on and write performance reviews\comments for congressmen, senators, the president, and various other local and state officials across the country. I was hoping that if it would not be too much trouble you could place a link of our site on your blog. If this is not possible (which we completely understand), we still hope you will check out our site, and post some reviews.
Your contribution will encourage us to put more effort in improving our website.
Mark Johnson
[email protected]

great photo...

Congrats to JOE !

a tough night to watch...

I'm going to be VERY INTERESTED in seeing Joe Lieberman's next moves! And his victory is all the more sweet BECAUSE it'll drive the Kos Kids over the cliff!

TUCK is gorgeous! But don't tell him that - don't want to inflate his ego. And while he IS gorgeous - Tiny and Baby are more so! I'm just saying.

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