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November 14, 2006


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In these days of political correctness, a welcome sight would be the caning of some of the judges who put their personal agenda ahead of the constitution.

Ah. The good old days.

didn't Dick Durbin basically beat the Armed Forces with the comparison to Nazis?

or Hillary Rodham cane the President, holding up that NY Post Front Page, implying GW knew about 9-11 prior to the tragic event?

everytime i see Ted Kennedy speak in the Senate, i feel as if someone has knocked me on the head a few times...

Robert Byrd is enough for me to feel beaten into a stupor with his withering speeches on the Senate floor.

Great comments btw, to an exceptionally good post.

I find it endlessly amusing to hear people talk about how terribly rancorous the current political debates are as opposed to those of the past. Everytime someone says such a thing I know they never paid one bit of attention to their history classes... after all, why do you need to know all that old fusty stuff?

I kind of enjoyed it when Dick Cheney used the f-word to Patrick Leahy. Not as good as a caning, of course.

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