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November 18, 2006


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Foolish thinking of that type came to my prep school in recent years when they adopted a new motto. "Others not self". Sacrificing one's self for what might be the good of others who are not famiy is ludicrous.

Lovely time tonight as always, Sissy! Thank you so much for hosting!

Wicked fun, Sol. Tuck and I are basking in the afterglow. :-)

Wonderful wonderful time Sissy! Excellent people, lovely house. You both outdid yourselves.

Think about what you're saying goomp. Your thesis precludes going to war because while you're fighting for family, you're also protecting neighbors who aren't family.

Self interest is good in an enveloping culture that is functional. You do have to continue the functionality which requires that you sometimes sacrifice for the greater good. eg. WWII, today et al.

i heard Raanan Gissin give a talk in which he described Israel as a safari park that protects the jews from their natural predators, a theme that echoes some of your remarks.

what makes the european reaction to israeli self-defense (including their hysteria over the wall) so interesting is that it's as if they really don't like the idea of jews who are not subject to predators. while they've given up the role of predator (holocaust guilt and moral pretensions and all that...), they sure don't like having their proxies frustrated.

who knows what it will take... but bloggatherings like yours surely help. thank you.

Friedman calls drug prohibition a socialist enterprise.

He inspired this:

Do Republicans support drug prohibition because it finances criminals or because it finances terrorists?

Republican Socialism. Price supports for criminals and terrorists.

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