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November 09, 2006


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I am sorry to say that Washington D.C. does not seem to be the shining city on a hill but a dismal abode in a swamp.

Joe Lieberman has done his part in keeping D.C. a malodorous swamp. His thuggish tactics towards Lamont organizers and the still unaccounted for petty cash expenditures means business as usual for Shameless Joe Who Wouldn't Go. He kneels at the feet of the likes of the Brooks Brother's Riot who pegged him as "Sore Loserman". Who knew that that part of their contention was true? Politics makes strange bedfellows and I hope Joe can keep from getting or spreading any communicable diseases.

Gee it seems Lance is full of invective for just about everyone. He must be a barrel of laughs to hang out with.

As for Joe, well, he is a liberal Dem with the one good thing in his armory if he keeps it, he's pro-American defense. So it's no surprise he would go back and hang with the Dems once he got back to DC.

Fortunately he's 1000 percent better than Lamont.

Lieberman is a man of principle. He has never tried to disguise he is a liberal.He says what he means and he means what he says and while I am on the politically opposite spectrum from Joe, I can appreciate decency when I see it.
I cannot say the same for the Democrats that abandoned him for Ned Lamont.

Joe Lieberman is a good man and so is Donald Rumsfeld. Both are the kind of men who stick with their convictions when they know they are right. I love your reports and the photography. Amazing.

The NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) has concluded that we are NOT safer. Lieberman coddled the boy king and never missed an opportunity to stab fellow Democrats in the back. He enabled AWOL McFlighsuit to wage war on the cheap, without enough troops to do the job efficiently (or as it has come down to; at all), without a post-active combat plan, shortchanges those who are there whether by failing to provide the troops with the necessary gear to increase to odds of surviving intact (I mean...Hello! Cher finds ways to fund helmet liners for troops to reduce risk of brain injury), or by reducing benefits to those who *have* suffered severe injury as a result of serving their country.

He helped the man who doctored intelligence, created a situation where his buddies get rich no matter how badly the war effort is going (KBR - subsidiary of Halliburton provided water that was tainted by FECAL matter - i.e. sh1t!). They charged troops $40 for a six pack of Coke, $25 for a hamburger, made wounded hospitalized troops pay for their own meals, deducted the cost of missing gear on troops blown up (body armor and weaponry is apparently still the responsibility of an unconscious soldier or Marine still clinging to life).

Joe has, through his obsequiousness, perpetuated the bumblings of a dysfunctional administration. I held my nose when I voted for him in 2000, but I will never again trust the man. Joe is for Joe...that's all he ever will be. I honestly feel that the name "Lieberman" will enter the lexicon alongside "quisling". The sooner he changes parties the better. The Dem's do not need another 5th columnist shilling for someone else's agenda.

I wonder if all pols are sick puppies of a sort.

Ah, Lance, how can you even enjoy food with that much bile in your system?

Notice, if you will, the graciousness with which our President has treated the Democrats who for 6 years have hammered him with a level of vitriol unmatched since another great American president's administration (Abraham Lincoln - to be precise).

The thing, I think, that most riles the looney left (of which Lance is clearly a member) is that George W. Bush does not respond or even notice the filth spewed at him by the leftwing of the Democratic Party because he is a real man who is secure in his own skin. He knows who he is, he knows his limitations, and he knows his strengths. Unlike Bill Clinton, he does not need endless opinion polls to tell him in what direction he should be traveling or what he should be thinking. George W. Bush is AUTHENTIC in a way that neither Bill or Hillary Clinton will ever be.

I sincerely pity you, Lance. You are clearly a very frightened and unhappy human.

Save your pity Gayle. Rational fear is an evolutionary survival mechanism. As far as happiness, I take it where I can find it. But that is not the same thing as living in a bubble that somehow allows you to turn a blind eye to all the horrors inflicted on others in search of your own comfort. GWB is an authentic sociopath. His actions establish that beyond question. His followers are sheep needing to feel good about themselves as they brutalize those more vulnerable. Joseph Heller defined his theme thusly: "Catch-22 means that people have the right to do to you anything that you cannot prevent them from doing to you."

Lance: Too distracted right now to respond. I'm still hoping to persuade you to have more faith in the good side of our human nature. In my view, you've got GW all wrong. :-)

Sissy, thanks for the personal e-mail and the invite. If I was in Boston, I'd take you up on it. Just as I've seen no credible evidence of Bush's good nature, Pam of Atlas Shrugs has further revealed her true nature in calling for the deaths of State Dept diplomats. Where's DHS officers when you need them enforcing Patriot Act laws against domestic terrorism?

"No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up." ~ Lily Tomlin

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