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November 02, 2006


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SNAFU is a term adopted for war plans during WWII. It is idiotic to think you can wage war according to a plan and not have it disrupted by the enemy. Government programs are all wasteful and inefficient during peacetime. Wartime with and enemy who wants to destroy you is expected to be different? Come on meatheads. Shut up and sit down.

will JOE no longer be equated with 'sore loserman'?

if he completely dumps the Democrat Party?

a new life, without the Party of Clinton?

what is deeply amusing, the MSM continues to tell us the 'rock star' Bill Clinton is of some relevance, yet he fails to deliver.

he couldn't influence any Democrat in the Primary to stick with JOE, failed to save Davis from Recall, wasn't able to unseat Jeb Bush in Florida, etc...

Bill remains impotent, except for raising some money from die-hard Democrats, and there seems to be some evidence he actually hurts the Democrat Candidate he is supposed to be 'saving'.

Ms. McCaskill even expressed her desire to hide her daughter from Slick Willy.

the L-MSM believed Bill and Hillary's appearance at the Boston DNC Convention would boost Kerry-Edwards Poll standings, it didn't...

the latest, Bill made a trip to stump for Ford, who was trying to portray himself as a Bible Holding Conservative, but was being exposed as the opposite, with hints at the now infamous Playboy Party.

one has to wonder, what image the Liberal Bill Clinton will bring to the 'conservative' campaign of Mr. Ford...

will they hide the interns?

"The war is deeply unpopular here, but Lieberman's resurrection continues . . ."

Amazing how they continue to push the theme of the war being "deeply unpopular"... of course it is with those who support Lamont - but apparently that's not too awfully many people. The loony left media continue to wear blinders. I'm not saying people "like" the war - there's not much to like in a war - I'm saying that while there is much confusion and distress over how things are going... there are many more people who support the war than the MSM can stand to contemplate.

I'm hoping that Joe not only stomps Lamont into the dust in CT - but that he gets more votes than he's ever gotten in any previous election. Now THAT would be news indeed. *grin*

Too bad I don't live in CT - I'd vote for him just because of what his own party did to him. heh.

One of the oldest and most observed primary campaign rules is that NOBODY endorses and/or publicly supports anybody in their own party's primary. Whoever wins the primary is unburdened by prior dissing by members of their own political party. The logic behind this is: "He may be an s.o.b., but he's OUR s.o.b.!" and THIS is the rule that the DEMS have so flagrantly violated in Connecticut (and elsewhere this endless campaign season I'm sure).

I would like to think that Senator Lieberman has learned something about his own party's ethics, morals and character but, sadly, I doubt that he has.

It is enough for me that Senator Lieberman IS a supporter of this nation's security, as opposed to that idjit Lamont! Since it's unlikely that a Republican CAN win in Connecticut, then Lieberman is the better choice of the remaining 2 candidates.

Still - to indulge in a lovely fantasy, wouldn't it be a smack in the eye to HRC and her confreres in the Senate if Senator Lieberman did decide to declare himself a Republican after the election is over? Ain't gonna happen though, I am 99.9% sure of that. (sigh)

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