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November 15, 2006


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Beauty in unexpected places. The sound fantastic.

LOL - go Tuck! Now that was the last thing I expected to see tonight. Lovely sound though.

So maybe the Dems are getting to be a little too left leaning for Joe. Or maybe he's worried about what a Democrat led House and Senate will do in the war... interesting.

That was so cool Sissy. I remember my late father-in-law standing on the ladder underneath their chandeliers, taking off the crystals and cleaning them. I never heard that sound before. Beautiful. Have you ever noticed the sound that sugar makes when it is spooned into hot tea? I like that sound too.

Maybe - just maybe - the thought of the "cut and run" crowd being totally in charge just soured his attitude toward his own (former) Party? Or maybe he's playing both ends against the middle. Either way - Joe's Fence is going to be interesting to watch!

Sissy - your description of Tuck cleaning the chandelier reminds me of my mother cleaning ours when I was a young girl. I always used to ask her if there wasn't an easier way and she'd always respond: "There might be an EASIER way, but this is the RIGHT way to do the job." Ah, Irene - I do so miss you.

Well, well, well. What hath the fiery Markos wrought? It would appear he's put the biggest political bludgeon into the hands of Joe Lieberman. So much for punishing Joe. It would seem Madam Pelosi miscalculated as well, what with Murtha's bid for Majority Leader squashed like a cockroach.

What fortunate guests - not only stimulating and interesting human company - but the estimable Chelsea Greys as well!

Time with Tiny and Baby would be treasure enough for many, myself included!

But then you know I am a huge fan of theirs!

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