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October 04, 2006


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Our currency said "In God We Trust". Maybe that is our only hope. Other than GW and Joe Lieberman pols are hard to trust.

* fascinating post...

I have to believe (hope) the fine Majority of the American Public, is going to make another stand NOV. 4th.

Drudge is suggesting that ABC has misrepresented the age of the person involved in these IMs...

It would indeed be astonishing. Fake Memo memories of manipulation.

If true, will Democrats suddenly defend the former Congressman's actions?

This really smells...

Are some Liberal Democrats intentionally playing on some perceived 'homophobia' amongst Republicans?

As Kerry and Edwards did, while strangely referenced the Vice President's Daughter in National TV debates?

Do these Democrats really seem concerned with the protection of children?

I know the folly of the Democrats, but what concerns me, is the lack of will, I often encounter from many Conservatives these days.

Are they simply going to take a dive?

And, the emotional 'jumping' to conclusions by so many. The calls for the Speaker's resignation, seems entirely overt and premature.

In this time, during the GWOT, there are many understood tensions and frustrations.

If only we had a few more like yourself, or this fine President.

Ah the internet... why is it people insist on thinking the things they write are private? On the internet: there is no privacy, there has never been privacy, and for the forseeable future, there will be no privacy. Commit yourself to pixels at your own risk.

I haven't been paying much attention to Foley and the circus surrounding him. I have a feeling that much has been blown way out of proportion to make him look as bad as possible. That part of this is his own fault for writing such garbage is not ignored - he should most certainly have known better. However, the Dems are transparent in their efforts to defame any Republican. Just think of the difference if this had been on the other side of the aisle.

You know at this point I'm not so sure that this latest mud sling from the Left is having much effect. Nobody I know on the Right is much bothered by it and those on the Left were already a lost cause.

As the truth continues to come out about how this was started by the CREW organization (hard Lefties) and they're funded by Soros, the less credibility it will have, which isn't much to begin with.

The Left has established - to their discredit - a pattern of non-scandals touted as "Earth-shaking" such as RatherGate, the Plame nothing, and so on. Their credibility is pretty well gone already and they look and sound like a bunch of petulant children. After canonizing a serial rapist Bill Clinton, they pretend to be outraged over a salacious email? Right.

Now that I have returned to Planet Earth from my otherworldly sojourn in Las Vegas, I have to tell you that the inability to get along with each other is a universal problem these days. I have never been treated SO rudely by so many people so often in my LIFE! In the hotels, in the casinos, walking down the Strip and nearly being knocked into the street by joggers - more than once!

Civility is on the endangered species list and fading fast.

As to Foley - a pox on his house but also on the absolutely hypocritical response of the DEMS who would normally be defending the right to pederasty - if only Foley was a Dem! What slime infests the souls of far too many of our so-called public servants! Shudder-inducing, to say the least. Let me roll back here a second - is Foley accused of doing anything other than sending really disgusting e-mails and IMs? Because as despicable as that may be, there have been Congressmen who did worse and got off with censure, back in the days before BDS!

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