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October 19, 2006


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The question is, will the overblown self-importance of the history-ignorant liberal elite lead WESTERN civilization to its demise. Let us hope that they come to realize that the soft, easy world they have lived in is threatened, and the West must awake to the harsh reality of the human desire for power that can rule over all and will go to whatever lengths it must to achieve domination.

And it all started with Uncle Walter declaring the Tet offensive a defeat, instead of the victory for our side that it actually was! Even that long ago, the MSM was anti-American!

It's scary to think that such a man as Cronkite had that much power. My parents despised him and would never watch his news show. I'm not sure that the main portion of the country believed him - but he certainly had the ears of the American journalists and they were happy to keep pounding the message that we were losing, losing, losing. (why let facts stand in your way?)

I really hope the MSM has lost much of that power. Blogs and talk radio have helped, but there are many out there who still believe everything they see in the news. It's sad.

"I’m proudest of,” said a preening Walter Cronkite

giggle giggle...

These fools and their silly ego.

I watched a recent documentary of 'journalists' covering war. Andy Rooney, a declared 'pacifist', admitted he had to see a Concentration Camp, to begin to believe in the need for the World to Fight against the Nazis in WW2.

It is simply hard to believe, after all the AXIS had inflicted upon the World, including the Japanese Rape of China - the Pacific, and the German destruction of Europe.

It is simply amazing, those with such extreme views were given absolute power to discuss, critique, analyze, shape Public Opinion, without allowing any serious conflicting viewpoint for so many years.

But today, we have witnessed an endless attempt to undermine a Republican President and the Republican Majority. 6 years now, and there is little doubt, this unethical deceit, personal greed, is enabling the very threats we are fighting against. There is no doubt, the Liberal Democrat debasing is helping build violence in Iraq, and weakening our own Security.

Democrat leaks, Liberal treason, Mary McCarthy, Valerie Plame, the NY Times, have all placed themselves above the Majority who voted in this Democracy.

They are foolishly at war with Conservatives, Republicans, as well as their own Country, and they must be stopped.

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