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October 10, 2006


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If our citizens fail to see that the issue is "The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization," the future looks bleak to me. We may give thanks to the many such as yourself who bring the insight of those such as Tom Sowell to our attention.

"kabuki-like body language"



the glow in those eyes !

it is truly ironic, the North Korean problem reminds everyone again, of the failed Clinton Experience...

(or should one say 'negligence'?)

i feel the Clinton past is essential, because liberal Democrats wish to return to the inept, appeasing, weak, denial.

you must see the fun 'David Zucker's Election 2006 Video'...

it says it all, perfect timing for Hillary's desperate attempt to spin reality.

I love Thomas Sowell - one of the clearest thinkers we have today and articulate to boot. It would be wonderful if our leaders had even a smidge of his ability to communicate clearly and concisely on events.

As for McCain - the man has 2 distinct personalities... sometimes he makes sense, other times he sounds like an idiot. The second part always makes me leary of the first part. Should I admire him for the occasional burst of intelligence? Or do the idiocies cancel out the better half?

But best of all are the kitty stand offs. Showing everyone how to hold their turf and keep it from being overrun by the enemy. *grin*

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