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October 31, 2006


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I think even the cats are smart enough to know that (no offense Tuck)

Kerry swift-boated himself.

Is TUCK Swifting?

My disgust with these Democrats only seems to grow...

Kerry trying again to undermine the Commander regarding a mission he voted for?

Hillary displaying a NY POST Headline on the Senate floor, implying President Bush knew about 9-11 on the Senate floor?

Durbin smearing our fine US ARMED FORCES with associations of Nazis, Pol Pot, Stalin?

Boxer trying to undermine a National Presidential Election without any basis, inspired by a phone call from Michael Moore?

Schumer holding press conferences with Joe Wilson in the Capital Building, after he knew Wilson was a bold faced liar?

These unethical liberal partisans need a sincere spanking...

On behalf of my nephew, degree in economics with honors from UCLA, Lt.Jg. U.S. Navy, finance officer on a ship heading for Iraq as I write this - all I can say is John Kerry is a despicable loon! Well actually, I could say more, but I was raised to be a lady!

Massachusetts: from Jonn Adams to John Kerry and Theadore Kennedy. The ulimate in degredation.

So John Kerry was for the military before he was against them? When I hear his post-election speeches, I am SO glad this man is not Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces.

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