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October 26, 2006


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It looks lik a wonerful birthday party with a good time had by all.

(raises hand)

Blue-state Republican here.

Peet's coffee if I'm brewing at home. Starbucks if I'm out... though did you know that McDonald's has shockingly good coffee now?

Maker's Mark or Wild Turkey bourbon, with Bombay Sapphire gin a close second

And neither Wal-Mart nor Target... Amazon and eBay, baby.

I'm a red stater Republican who LOVES Starbucks, VanGogh Double Espresso Vodka (with Starbucks Liqueur and some coffee it makes an amazing coffee martini - you're both smashed and alert simultaneously) and WalMart AND Trader Joe's Markets (coming to a town near you - if you're really lucky).

And I agree with enrevanche about the amazing McDonald's coffee! It's a revelation.

Tiny and Baby are still my favorite gorgeous pussycats (after my two lads of course).

Okay - I hit Starbucks daily. Beloved husband enjoys his gin martinis. And when we need to shop for some necessary household items... it's nearly always Target. (although beloved husband will occassionally hit Walmart for some automotive upkeep stuff when it's necessary)

you have made me hungry now, with those tempting images and recipes of fine cuisine...

my goodness, is that one of the reasons why they pushed Sen. Obama?

do you think the meetings went something like this?

"okay, first Oprah has Barack on her show, promoting the book we produced, just before he goes on a Nationwide tour, as we send out fundraising queries, with the Senator..."

"do you think it will work"

"well, our data tell us, Mr. Obama is a better image for the Democrat Party than Nancy Pelosi..."

"so we can expect an influx of funds, and if timed correctly, an increase in votes?"

"well, we are not certain..."

Actually, from what I've heard is that Target gives about 70% to Red.

I like any coffee that tastes good. If they make good stuff, I'm all for it.

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