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October 29, 2006


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That "small band" could be the "creative minority" that Pope Benedict has written about.

"Cardinal Ratzinger refuses to follow the German thinker Oswald Spengler, who argued that all civilizations are doomed to decline and die. He rather supports the British historian Arnold Toynbee, who claimed that societies are shaped by “creative minorities” who are also capable of renewing them.... Christians, and especially Catholics, are expected to recognize themselves as such a “creative minority” today."


You'd count as one too, definitely.

Miss Kelly: The very one . . . I'm working on a post about it this very minute.

i have a feeling that 9-11 has diminished this politics is local thing...

these days, with the technology, information, networks, etc., the local focus has grown.

i don't doubt the individual candidate can overcome any partisan mindset...

but with mighty blogs like SISU, those who are not aware of the shared concerns of fellow Americans far away, are living in the past.

My neighborhood is “Very Democrat” but, since in my neighborhood a Democrat is an independent who wants his trash picked up, that doesn't mean a great deal.

I live in Ohio and the vituperation and viciousness of the campaign has wearied everyone I know on both sides of the spectrum. All we want is for the doggone thing to be OVER.

I do know that the RNC has been blanketing our part of the state with ads all of a sudden! Interesting strategy. The Dems have been spending obscene amounts of money shreiking all manner of probably-not-true charges at Republican incumbents, almost entirely unanswered and NOW, when they're almost out of money - here come the Republican ads. Much better production, not shrill, very crisp and to the point and, what's best of all, ubiquitous! And the Dems are short on money [and time] to respond - and of course, they're whining about it!

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