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October 24, 2006


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You are right to hold your nose and vote against the Dems. I hold a poor opinion of Olympia Snow, but the Dem woman who is running against her is a loony tune. She says we don't need oil and her green methods will eliminate the need for foreign oil. Also she says the only reason for our being in Iraq is to protect oil company profits. E-GAD

Dear Ms. Willis,

I really enjoyed this post and Goomp's fine comment as well.

I am sorry to have to say, I feel those who don't vote, in any manner, up, down, left, right, etc., are the very worst.

It leaves the rest of us, to do the work, they remain safe, off the hook, hiding in the shadows.

The coward chooses this path.

No action, is the perfect refuge for the cynic, the extreme, the elite, so lost in their own existence, they feel they can remain judge and jury without any responsibility.

But in reality it is the height of irresponsible nature.

I have begun to feel, deep down, they are simply too weak to make a choice.

And yet, Life is a choice.

We all have to chose something...

To fight or run, to work or play, to sink or swim. We are ultimately responsible for the end result.

Nothing is ever perfect in making these decisions.

But I give more credit to anyone willing to try.

It takes courage to have conviction, and greater guts to take action.

Let's the cowards turn their back on a President who led to their protection for 6 years...

Never refuse to vote! You never know when that right may be taken out of your grasp.

People who refuse to vote because they don't like their choices are voting by their very inaction. No one ever likes everything about a candidate - most times we won't like most things about a candidate... but they will have that small set of "something" that falls on the side of what we want to see accomplished.

Voting is mainly choosing the best of the plethora of annoying politicians. Sounds bad... but it sure beats any other system tried.

Teresa - your post is BRILLIANT. Thank you. I cannot help remember (as we all should) the proud display of purple thumbs on the men and women in Iraq when voting in their first free and fair election after the tyranny of Hussein! We take our privilege for granted and we shouldn't.

The problem with libertarianism's pervasive prejudice that they are the chosen smart is spread throughout the american psyche that produced manifest destinies and other narcissistic exercizes in self-deception.This people are still ruminating as wisdom the platitudes of the cold war.It was easy manicheanism:The Soviet camp bad we good.Not much has changed.The same premises that once looked plausible for the simpletons of the cold war of all sides are still constraining public debate.It makes libertarians look smart.
Look really closely and really carefully to all the accounts of what the Soviet Union really was and I mean all accounts including the soviets and the ex soviets like Trotzky and other marxists and you will come out enlightened.Neglect it and we all loose.

Jorge - what exactly are you saying? Are you trying to interject moral relativism into a discussion of VOTING? Are you trying to say that the Soviet Union was somehow GOOD?

And incidentally, contrary to what you say in your post, public debate is never "constrained" in our society - except when the left liberals try to shut up or denigrate "values voters" and the right. However often and loudly this lie is proclaimed by the left, those of us who still retain our common sense know that it is still a lie!

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