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October 13, 2006


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It is good to see awareness of the real world slowly penetrating the world of celebrities and that some of them have a sense of what is improper political slander.

Google leans left and with their buying You Tube I get the feeling that the internet is going to suffer a lot more suppression of ideas and creativity liberals don't like.For all their screaming about oppression of thought and suppression of dissent, they are the ones censoring things.

I was still living in California when the movie "Airplane" was in previews. A friend had screening tickets for it and off we went. I don't know that I have ever laughed harder than I did that evening - and I was scarce alone! You could barely hear the dialogue, so persistent and noisey was the hilarity in the screening room. I still keep a VHS copy of that film in my collection for days when I have just had enough of reality and it still brings me to uproarious laughter. Zucker is a genius. I really do want to see the whole commercial, so hotly debated.

The best way to defeat a would-be autocratic tyrant is with laughter. It may be a slower process but it is no less sure.

Age verification is so amusing. How in the world can they "verify" you're over 18 without actually seeing you in person? Since there is no possible way, anyone who is deterred didn't want to see it in the first place.

As for Google. They support internet censorship. They support stacked search engines. They support so many anti-American positions it's amazing. And they have the position to do this because they are in America. Can we say hypocrites?

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