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October 31, 2006


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Completely OT, but there I was in the London tube when I thought of you. Why, you might ask. Well, because there in front of my eyes was a little advert telling me nothing more than that "sisu" was a Finnish word meaning, determination in the face of adversity; struggle through the long winter (or thereabouts).

I suppose you knew that but I didn't.

Knucklehead: I may have known it, but a woman always wants to be told. :-)

The mish-mash couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Let us hope the even scummier Mass. senator, Master Teddy gets the same.

'This just in on Fox News banner: "Will Kerry's Iraq defeatism spell defeat for the Dems?" Yes!'


What can I say, Sisu. My first impression was that Kerry said what the Republicans say he said. That is pretty much what the printed english spells out. I suppose there might be more context, or perhaps an audience disposition to understand it differently. What can I say? Speaking clearly is a useful skill, and so is apology. Kerry seems to have failed on both counts.

So Tony Snow is a "stuffed suit" and Rush Limbaugh is "doughy"? And how does that serve to mitigate the asinine statement that came out of the mouth of Senator John F. Kerry (D-Teresa's Checkbook)?

Rush Limbaugh has more common sense and intelligence in one eyelash than John F. Kerry has in his entire body - doughy or not. And those characterizations are not too many steps from being pretty seriously un-P.C. - did John Kerry clear THAT with the DNC?

If he wanted to sabotage his future political prospects, I'd say he's done a masterful job? When did Hillary and Karl Rove start working together?

I'm not quite sure how you get George Bush out of the quote I've seen everywhere. I haven't seen it in any context such as the speech he was making... was he talking about the President when he made the remark?

Nevertheless, it was a stupid stupid thing to say. First, it insults everyone who was unable to get a college degree or who made poor marks in school. Second, with his record of non-support for the troops, it certainly can be taken as a slur against the troops themselves. Third, his complete meltdown in response to the criticism makes the actual substance of the comment even more likely to have been a slap at our military men and women.

But most of all...For a man who has made a career of slamming the military whenever possible. Of calling them baby killers and causing them to be humiliated in front of the world. Why wouldn't we immediately take his remarks in the manner they have been construed.

He's a miserable excuse for a human being - especially one who supposedly represents the people of Massachusetts. I hope this drags him so far down he never wins another election. It would be too much to hope he would step down. (Dick Durbin has already proved that you can call our military Nazi's and get away with it. I guessing Kerry will be no different)

"I'm not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium..."

If Kerry knows what's good for him -- yes, yes, I know he doesn't -- he'll have his mouth sewn shut. One stands behind a lectern. One stands on a podium.

Teresa -- Just reporting my first take . . . PLUS . . . I love to be the contrarian and am fascinated with dissecting the anatomy of a meme. The fact that Kerry is soakin' in it is just frosting on the cake. Can you say mixed metaphors?

Looks like Kerry apologized for the "stuck in Iraq" part of the insult.

Drudge has it.

Kerry has also pulled out of appearances with Dem candidates and an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, a lib's best friend.

Kerry is the most condescending ass in politics I have ever seen and heard.

That the real October surprise was delivered by a Democrat, and that it would be Kerry,the perfect liberal pompous fool, has me laughing all the way to the voter booth as I vote straight Republican.

Howard Dean said "bloopers happen ". Can it get any better ? LOL !!!

Unfortunately, before I read your post, I had gotten an earful or more from the radio of idiots who were defending this man and berating the zealots who are trying to flay him alive...

BTW - I heard he was on Imus grovelling this morning. Guess he tried to hit all the liberal shows to get the word out that he was "sorry". I'm supposing it was along the lines of "I'm sorry you're stupid and didn't understand me..." That seems to be about the only sort of "apology" that Dems can manage to offer.

I've seen the tapes of the comment and he did NOT say "us stuck in Iraq" nor did he mention President George W. Bush. His apologists are trying to convince the credulous that he said one or both of those things but unfortunately "Stuck on Stupid" is stuck with the words that actually came out of his despicable mouth. And the New York Times can lie about what he said all they want (and they did for sure in today's edition) but every news outlet is playing what Kerry DID say and the Slimes lies aren't going to do anything but contribute to their further loss of influence.

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