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October 27, 2006


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Tinyvigilante is my favorite picture yet.

Get those cats unfixed and sign me up for some kittens!

One recent halloween, Starbucks abandoned the ever-popular ghost, cat and pumpkin merchandise for a new-age celebration of the day of the dead, complete with strange coffee mugs and weird, off-kilter candies. Sales plummeted and this year we have American style stuff back, although with a bit of a twist to it.
Money talks and multiculturalism walks would be the motto, I guess.

Diana Eck and her fellow non comprehending "everyone is beautiful in their own way" multi-culturalists is so far away from the reality of human nature that only personally experiencing the terror of evil cultures will bring them to reality. Only the discipline of a culture enables humans to live a semblance of an ordered life and to feel that barbaric cultures are just as happy to live under as the judeo-christian culture is pure stupidity.

Its telling that multicult promoters have to whitewash the truth in order to sell their product. Not only do they produce a false product, but they also emphasize only one tiny aspect of the product: the long-suffering "festivals".

I bet none of these 'traditional' celebrations involve pyramids, peon hearts and knives made of volcanic glass.

There is no form of human beauty to compare with that of Tiny, Baby and my exquisitely handsome Sam and the beautiful but dingy Tim! And they don't have to work at it. They just ARE. A lesson tucked away in there somewhere, don't you think?

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