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September 04, 2006


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So basically he's saying they are there to flap their gums and nothing else. Well, that about covers what I've seen them doing - so the question becomes... why do we continue to pay them? Seems to me we have enough people talking in this world who will do it for free - yet we pay the UN to stand there and be wind-bags.

You will notice he didn't say the UN was there to talk until problems are solved. He didn't say they were there to talk to people about helping others... nope they're just there to talk.

How do I get a gig like that? I can talk.

Typical liberal response: talk it out. Talk, talk, talk and beat it until it's dead. Too bad the problem rears its ugly head all over again the next morning but hey, you feel so much better. And the UN plays with real lives . . .

I've heard Kalb on O'Reilly's radio show say that the New York Times is liberal but well meaning.

Kalb seems to have it down pat as a stock answer to everything . . . talk it out, feel better and mean well.

As Goomp told Tuck way back when, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. :)

I am afraid that people who are paid to talk take themselves as serious problem solvers. Talk tends to be a smoke screen behind which the real power brokers such as dictators work their will.

No less a famous and determined belligerent than Winston Churchill observed that "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."

The point that the UN is paid to talk is not necessarily a bad or damning one; diplomacy and adjudicating international disputes require one hell of a lot of talking.

Many disputes are in fact resolved through international diplomacy; the UN even accomplishes something reasonably significant every now and then.

The difficulty arises, as noted, when talking doesn't work. What then?

And that's where the boys and girls in Turtle Bay fall down hard. Flapping their gums, indeed... no teeth.

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