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September 23, 2006


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The "Blogosphere", the story of life and civilization in overdrive?

I wanted to sleep in today but stormy weather awoke me early and I learned that the electricity had failed us.

We sat on the front porch watching the rain and lightning for a while, then we amused ourselves in rooms with natural light. Playing chess. Reading books.

No blogosphere for me until after noon. So the time I usually alot to myself for blogging was used in other ways.

We bloggers are resourceful though because we have to be and I agree with you Sissy. We will win.

We will win !


i agree...

sometimes, when technology fails, i try to convince myself there is a reason beyond the simple facts. it makes the disappointment, frustration, more of an adventure...

as if this is a time, to reflect, and consider some philosophy in life i have negligected prior.

but if the TV doesn't work on Football day, it is not easy to make light of this problem.

such is the curse of the male.

My computer has been "wanky" for weeks now. Thank goodness for lunch hours!

Haven't gotten digital yet but really want to do so, if only to start posting pics of Sam and Tim on my blog. This past weekend they were displaying any number of adorable poses. I especially enjoyed Sam's deep slumber on the couch, all 25 pounds of him on his back, with 4 paws straight up in the air and head propped in lordly splendor on one of the throw pillows! Beautiful fluffy white tummy - I was able to resist it for about 1/2 hour and then just dove in for a nuzzle! Which annoyed Sam no end. Tim meanwhile had laid claim to the back of the recliner - thus affording himself a full view of all my cleaning activities in the kitchen, dining room and living room. A smart kitty watches carefully for the deployment of the enemy - the vacuum cleaner!

hnav - you missed the Ohio State/Penn State games? It was a great game - irritatingly close in score but eventually the good guys won! (Guess where I went to college?)

Everyone who has the good fortune to share life with members of the Feline-American community MUST get a digital camera at once! You owe it to your fans. :-)

I believe I have received my marching orders!

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