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September 16, 2006


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It is hard for many to accept the unexplainable. I personally can follow the evolving of species of living things as outlined by the idea of evolution but am at a loss to imagine how the universe occurred. The idea of God answers the question for some and not for others.

Can you recommend some good reading explaining the Cambrian explosion? Haven't paid much attention to evolution since I merely accepted it as taught and moved on. But as I grew up and adopted my beliefs in God various oddities about evolution caught my eye. The Cambrian explosion is one of those strange events. At the present I find myself ambivalent about either theory finding enough in both to doubt that neither one moves above interesting anymore.

That this is all an accident is amusing...but not very likely to me.

Goomp: Exactly.

Pierre: It depends upon what your definitiion of "accident" is.

Accident meaning that by chance we went from single cell to Michael Moore...ok thats not a good example. hehe...

wonderful post Ms. Willis...


those images are amazing...

thank you

If Catholics responded with hysteria and rioting in the streets every time they received a real or perceived insult, we'd be in the streets 24/7/365!

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