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September 01, 2006


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how could anyone forget 9-11?

hNAV -- If you'd like to do a tribute at your own blog, head on over and sign up.

I find I'm becoming semi-obsessed with this woman. Her life resonates on so many levels. With my own tendencies, I'm reading in at will. :)

THank You Sissy...

will do...

i believe they have all of the volunteers already, but i will try, such a wonderful tribute.

i higly appreciate your special remembrance of Ms. Berenson.

* such a sad loss, such a horrific day...

and it pains me, to think some are in such denial, promotiing pathetic conspiracy theory fantasies, undermining the needed defense of this fine Nation.

So far you've been able to find about 100 times more about Berry than I have been able to find out about my person.

I was reading what I was able to find and wishing very much that I had been able to meet her *sigh* it will be difficult, and I won't have a lot, but the tribute and the wishes and prayers will be there.

Teresa: If you haven't already, try Legacy.com's "Remember September 11, 2001" for personal tributes, photos and possible links to outside sources.

Sissy, I signed up and was randomly assigned Michael Robert Horrocks, the co-pilot of Flight 175 (which crashed into the South Tower.)

Thanks for pointing me to this project.

I had planned, in a quiet way, to write a remembrance of a friend that I knew well who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. I think that researching and writing about the life of a perfect stranger may, in fact, be more fitting and appropriate.

Nice job so far Sissy. It was an interesting experience doing the research and trying to learn about the person who has been basically anonymous all these years - one number out of nearly 3,000.

So glad I signed up for this. If you are interested here is my attempt.


The random connection of fate, where blogger meets victim, is a truly interesting angle.

Cheers, AJStrata

Thanks so much for doing this. I have worn her name on the mercyband on my wrist for nearly five years. You have found far more than I ever did in my search when the internet was younger.

Wearing her name helps me to remember to pray for her family and motivates me in my work.

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