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September 07, 2006


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Great post Sissy. It's unreal but not really surprising how repressive the Dems are. They realize that history (whether historians like it or not) is being taught in the movie theater or television screen instead of school.

It's not even called History anymore anyway but Social Studies. So if ABC runs the mini-series as is they break the hold Clinton and his Bruce Lindseys have on the media. This is a big deal.

I'm not confident that they won't give in to the Dems.

Is the MSM waking up? Does this documentary mean that they are beging to realize profits are declining because they are losing advertising as people other than the IMs are turning away from the unreal propaganda of the old MSM?

You don't understand - the Dems are the world's greatest proponents of "Do as I SAY, not as I DO!" and always have been. Even a remotely unbiased production will be offensive to them.

Remember when people tried to question John Kerry about what - if anything - he actually DID in Vietnam? "Are you questioning my patriotism?" was the instant response.

Because they are so prone to throwing out numerous unsubstantiated charges against their opponents, they possess the ultimate thin skin for their own precious selves, assuming that everyone else is as cynical and venal as the Dems really are!

I have e-mailed ABC and informed them that if they cave, I will NEVER watch their network again - and then I listed the shows I watch to make my point crystal clear!

Good post- but you are far too kind.

I unloaded this AM because we seem to have reached a point where the Clintons- and their trail of convicted felon cronies, are now regarded as credible.

And the dems are reveling it all.


Time will ultimately be the crushing blow to the Clinton facade...

Someday, the unethical manipulation will no longer be able to keep the truth hidden (from many who are blind and denial).

Besides, Sandy Berger cannot continue to stuff items down his pants forever.

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