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September 25, 2006


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Clinton was a disaster for the world and the USA but who can blame Bill when liberals will support anything to obtain the power to tell the rest of how to live.

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. was right when he called the Clintons The Snopes.

"the rising tide of Islamist fascism swelled during their time at the helm, and now Bubba wants it to just all go away ... but the blogosphere ain't gonna let it happen."

well said Ms. Willis!

* outstanding.

i unfortunately watched Bill stump for Democrat Claire McCaskill on C-Span 2 in St. Louis. it was ugly...

i had visions of the Wellstone Memorial.

it was one of the most unethical performances i can remember. he seems to enjoy being dishonest...

to me, Bill's insecurity, makes him jealous of Men like GW Bush.

i do feel, having Americans reminded of the Clinton negligence, enabling threats with inept weakness, corruption, and appeasement, is a serious problem for Democrats with November looming.

it did take sincere attention away from the last pathetic NY Times leak...

He DID NOT have sex with Osama bin Laden!

Sorry I missed Fox News Sunday, I usually watch it. Chris is a very balanced kind of interviewer, unlike Russert, whose tricks are getting to be old hat.

William Jefferson Clinton is an amoral, dishonest, unethical self-loathing sociopath with few, if any, redeeming features. These words are definition of character, not defamation!

Since the meltdown was leaked ahead of time, I didn't feel the need to watch it. I heard part of it on Michael Graham's show yesterday when I was in the car. I couldn't figure out if it was all an act or if he is about to go off his rocker... and I find myself supremely uninterested in this man who was President. I can't work up any emotion at all except exasperation that he seems to love the camera and the attention so much.

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