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September 11, 2006


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* such an incredible life...

i am in tears now.

i suppose i can blame the terrorists for this.

such a tremendous tribute to all, who were sadly lost on that dark day, 5 short years ago...

A truly vivid tribute fitting a vibrant woman who touched so many lives. Well done!

Berry had a beautiful spirit.

I remember reading about Berry in Vogue magazine in the 70's and 80's ..one spread still stands out for me after all these years.She was photographed for the story strutting her stuff with her 2 boys in a stroller on the street in New York City looking incredibly chic and blissfully happy with a huge grin from ear to ear.

I am overcome with emotion.

this day is not getting any better for me and i am deeply saddened...

i feel my demeanor is worsened considering the unethical Democrat slander, the undermining over the last 5 years, especially within the pathetic MSM deceit...

i recently remembered the fascinating Barbara K. Olson...


Each one of these moves me in some way. We'll never forget.

I honor Lt. Col. Johnson today

I enjoyed your glowing tribute to Berry, one of the victims of the religion of peace.

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