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September 12, 2006


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i don't trust this Keith Ellison...

i watched his expression on C-SPAN one evening, and he is simply another anti-American.

perhaps the thrill of attention, created from the extreme political view, justifying one's insecure existence by blaming others, has turned into the realization he needs to become more moderate in appearance to gain stable income, with an office.

either way, the post is amazing, and it is concerning.

Mr. Keith Ellison seems so poorly prepared for the job for representing others. this was not a savvy individual in my opinion, with little experience or a seasoned understanding of anything.

i feel this is another reason why the DNC is sinking. they have long accepted and promoted others for image, over quality. often with the persona of the victim, sharing a very anti-US point of view. the actual talent is not vetted and later ends up being rather embarrassing.

in the long run, what seems expedient to produce a political victory, turns into a disaster.

but the idea Islamists are unique in having patience is amusing.

seeing how the Arab Muslims continue to wage War on Israel, and continue to lose in dramatic fashion?

it might not be patience, it might be foolishness...

"..it might not be patience, it might be foolishness" sayeth hnav and I couldn't agree more!

The DNC no doubt subscribes to the old line (although they didn't follow it in Lieberman's case): "He might be an s.o.b but he's OUR s.o.b." which used to be the norm. For example, it used to be unheard of for a national party to expend any funds on primary races and nasty campaigning was rigorously discouraged. Sad how the times have changed!

My guess: They'll hold their noses and vote for Ellison!

Ms. Miller is wonderful...

and did someone politely correct my typos?

thank you...

Typos? What typos? ;-)

Ellison is not a traditional candidate, but if you want to play by those rules, how many non-rich Americans could ever run for office. The "negative stuff" alluded to consists of unpaid parking tickets and late tax payments. Sometimes those things stick to affluent candidates, but for working Americans that's just how things are.

Ellison has FANTASTIC relations with the local Jewish community, and as hard as the Republicans tried to drive wedges, they couldn't. While Ellison flirted with the Nation of Islam in his youth, he also represented an anti-racist state trooper who got tangled up with neo-Nazis (Ellison won the case and made many Jewish friends in the process).

Minneapolis is going to be lucky to be represented by Ellison. He was an outstanding legislator, and will make a great Congressman.


A spirited defense of your candidate, although you do seem to glide over his involvement with Nation of Islam with a bit too much ease. My understanding is that the association continued well past his college years. His avowed politics do sound perfect for his district.

"The "negative stuff" alluded to consists of unpaid parking tickets and late tax payments. Sometimes those things stick to affluent candidates, but for working Americans that's just how things are."

Let's see... I'm a working American and I've never had unpaid parking tickets or unpaid taxes. That's not "just how things are".

I would also have to continuously and humorously make unrelenting fun of the guy every time he wanted to push a tax increase... who is the tax increase for? Certainly not for him because he can't be bothered to pay. Oops! It must be for us poor working idiots who actually do pay our bills on time and in full. Stupid us! Rather loses credibility regardless of his religion.

You see, since I DO pay my bills and (yes I've even gotten a few parking tickets in my day - I paid those too), I apparently have higher standards than you do. Don't you feel the least bit annoyed that a man who has the money, running for office on a party platform that espouses taxes... has neglected to actually pay them in the past?

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