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September 06, 2006


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If we are defeated by the Muslims we can award a major part of the reason to the moronic intellectuals who hate free enterprise and because they are know nothings love the idea of a state that controls all. MSM has been educated by these admirers of state control and deserves its share of the glory.

Unlike many, I only needed to see the horror one time to have it indelibly printed in my brain. Reruns are not essential - for me it's still clear... and I was nowhere near NYC.

I haven't forgotten, my anger hasn't waned, and I will not forgive those rat bastards for all the horror they have caused. If I could help any of the ring leaders directly out of this life - there would be no hesitation. Hand me the gun - give me the knife - let me throw the switch. However you would like them to die I would be happy to accommodate.

And yes, I just love those articles that tell us 4 out of 5 dentists recommend... well, honestly the "story" is no better than a chewing gum ad.


9-11 remains a deeply painful subject for this poster.

"From now on, their lives would always be measured in two parts: the part before September 11th, and everything after."

so true...

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